DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery

DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery

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With new insurance plans or deductible rates kicking in at the start of the new year, elective orthopedic and podiatric surgeries skyrocket during the last months of each calendar year. According to orthopedic surgeon, Jeffrey Stimac, many people also  prefer to have surgery during the holidays due to extended time off from work and the likelihood of family members being present to help with responsibilities (USA Today).

DRYPro is an excellent tool to utilize after elective surgery. The 100% waterproof protector allows you to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy without the risk of ruining your cast or bandage. DRYPro leg cast covers feature an airtight seal that is created by pumping the attached handheld bulb. Worried about how to choose the right size for your cast or post-operative site? Our sizing guide and measurement tool will calculate the correct product size for you – click here to use it – or call our Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-337-9776.

Click here to purchase the DRYPro Waterproof Protector to expedite your healing after your elective surgery.

Wonderful product that works perfectly!

Wonderful product that works perfectly!


“Good afternoon –

I wanted to send an email of extreme thanks to your company. You’ve made a wonderful product that works perfectly! My son broke his arm last summer and we ordered the cast cover through Amazon. It saved our summer. Just last week, we were on vacation in North Myrtle Beach and he took another tumble and broke his arm…again. He’s an active 5 year old little boy and again, you saved our summer. You also saved our family vacation! We found an independent pharmacy about 35 miles away and purchased a second cast cover. (Next time we’ll pack ours from home, just in case!)
Thank you. Thank you for an amazing product. Thank you for saving our last two summers. Thank you for saving our vacation!
Kindest regards,
Lynn P.”
Guest post!

Guest post!

“Nothing puts a damper on summertime fun for a kid like a broken arm.  Right in the heart of swimming pool/beach season, my son broke his arm.  Thankfully it was a somewhat minor buckle fracture that didn’t require any surgery.  However, he was so disappointed when he found out that a waterproof cast was not an option and that he would be sporting one for the remainder of the summer.  Time to figure out where I could get a waterproof cast cover stat!

So, I immediately took to the internet asking friends for recommendations for a good waterproof cast cover. A friend recommended this DryPro Waterproof Half Arm Cast Cover and I promptly ordered it. I was a little skeptical at first, but this thing saved our summer.

You simply slide it on over the cast.  Then, use the little pump that comes with it to remove the air inside and cause a vacuum seal.  See picture above.

My son used it in the shower, at the pool and even to play in the ocean waves with no issues.  I would definitely recommend this if you’re in a cast and need a waterproof cast cover option!”





-Beth E, Chasing Joy In The Chaos

Need a New Pump?

Did you happen to misplace the pump needed to make your cast cover seal properly? Do not stress! Here at DryPro we understand that things happen, and we are perfectly willing and able to send a replacement pump rather than having you order an entire new product. We just ask that you cover the charge of shipping, and your new pump will be on the way today!



DryPro international

Not only does DRYPro sell in the United States, but we are international in 21 countries! Find us exclusively in Thessaloniki, Greece with our distributor, Intermedicon.  Being the only Greek distributor, they can provide you with the same great products and vacuum seal technology overseas. No need to worry about shipping DRYPro all the way to the Mediterranean when we have a distributor right in Greece.  They are focused on innovative solutions and their mission is to provide the best products for their customers like the DRYPro cast covers, and PICC protector.

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Contact Chouchoulis Antonis at info@intermedicon.com

FAQ about DryPro policy

Ordering a product online or over the phone can sometimes be tricky due to not actually seeing or trying the product on. Do not let that stop you from ordering your DRYPro today! Read through the frequently asked questions below to guarantee confidence when ordering. 


Q: Is your product guaranteed?

A: Yes, we offer up to a 14-day refund on every product. The Arm/Leg Waterproof Cast Covers hold a 90-day replacement/exchange warranty. The PICC, Ostomy, and Prosthetic Waterproof Protectors hold up to a 1-year replacement/exchange warranty. Shipping is always included in any replacement order.


Q: How fast can I get the product?

A: All orders placed before 3:15pm EST receive same day shipping! Our standard shipping is 3-5 business days. However, we also offer 2 day and overnight shipping. You can select your own shipping method when completing your order.


Q: Can I find your DRYPro products in a store near me?

A: Yes! We distribute to stores all over the United States and even have many International accounts. You can find DRYPro near you by using the link below.

DEALER LOCATOR: http://www.drycorp.com/dealer-locator/


Q: How do your refund and replacement policies work when ordered through a distributor?

A: We ask that you go through your place of purchase when dealing with a refund or replacement. Our distributors are very good about honoring our same policies and will take care of your situation. We then credit the distributor for their service the next time they place an order with us.



Feel free to call us at 1-888-337-9776 or email info@drycorp.com with any further questions!