Need a New Pump?

Did you happen to misplace the pump needed to make your cast cover seal properly? Do not stress! Here at DryPro we understand that things happen, and we are perfectly willing and able to send a replacement pump rather than having you order an entire new product. We just ask that you cover the charge of shipping, and your new pump will be on the way today!



DryPro international

Not only does DRYPro sell in the United States, but we are international in 21 countries! Find us exclusively in Thessaloniki, Greece with our distributor, Intermedicon.  Being the only Greek distributor, they can provide you with the same great products and vacuum seal technology overseas. No need to worry about shipping DRYPro all the way to the Mediterranean when we have a distributor right in Greece.  They are focused on innovative solutions and their mission is to provide the best products for their customers like the DRYPro cast covers, and PICC protector.

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Contact Chouchoulis Antonis at

FAQ about DryPro policy

Ordering a product online or over the phone can sometimes be tricky due to not actually seeing or trying the product on. Do not let that stop you from ordering your DRYPro today! Read through the frequently asked questions below to guarantee confidence when ordering. 


Q: Is your product guaranteed?

A: Yes, we offer up to a 14-day refund on every product. The Arm/Leg Waterproof Cast Covers hold a 90-day replacement/exchange warranty. The PICC, Ostomy, and Prosthetic Waterproof Protectors hold up to a 1-year replacement/exchange warranty. Shipping is always included in any replacement order.


Q: How fast can I get the product?

A: All orders placed before 3:15pm EST receive same day shipping! Our standard shipping is 3-5 business days. However, we also offer 2 day and overnight shipping. You can select your own shipping method when completing your order.


Q: Can I find your DRYPro products in a store near me?

A: Yes! We distribute to stores all over the United States and even have many International accounts. You can find DRYPro near you by using the link below.



Q: How do your refund and replacement policies work when ordered through a distributor?

A: We ask that you go through your place of purchase when dealing with a refund or replacement. Our distributors are very good about honoring our same policies and will take care of your situation. We then credit the distributor for their service the next time they place an order with us.



Feel free to call us at 1-888-337-9776 or email with any further questions!


About DRY Pro


Air Tight. Fits Right.

Dry Pro™ by Dry Corp, a high quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, Ostomies, PICC lines and prosthetics, offers complete waterproof protection. Its patented vacuum seal assures that a cast or bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water.

Beginning in 1999, Dr. Roy Archambault, DPM, ABFS, began distributing the Dry Pro™ after more than 20 years of experience in podiatric and ambulatory medicine. Dr. Archambault designed and constructed the Dry Pro™ with an expert understanding of patient needs.

The Dry Pro™ enables patients to swim, bathe, shower, and to receive hydrotherapy. During any water activity, it protects the respective body part. Made of thick surgical rubber, the Dry Pro™ can stretch up to 600 percent without tearing. This durable product offers comfort and flexibility and features a Non-Skid Grid on the sole to prevent slipping. Other limb cover products do not offer the same waterproof guarantee as the Dry Pro™. With a reliable vacuum seal and the Non-Skid Grid, the Dry Pro™ offers the safest and most effective product.
The Dry Pro™ is available in a variety of sizes designed to fit the youngest child to NFL linebackers! Repeated leak-proof testing proves the reliability of the Dry Pro™ as the only truly waterproof protector. When applying the Dry Pro™, the included pump flattens to indicate an intact seal that will not leak.

The Dry Pro™ offers prosthetic wearers an alternative to removing prosthetics during water activities. For people with PICC lines and Ostomies, the Dry Pro™ is very easy to use as compared to dealing with duct tape and garbage bags.

This innovative product is also used for immediate post-operative physical therapy, allowing hydrotherapy right after surgery. The effect: it helps prevent swelling and stiffness and thus expedites the healing process. This is a major reason why professional and collegiate athletes alike use the Dry Pro™ after an injury.

Worth Every Penny

“DRYPro saved Ben’s vacation!!! If you ever have a cast in the summer, DRYPro is the answer! This product worked in the pool and the ocean. As you can see, his broken hand didn’t slow him down at all. This cover is worth every penny!”
– Elizabeth W


Let the DryPro’s Waterproof Cast Cover save your vacation!

Ben on a water bounce house!

Ben's small half cast cover. Ben on the boat with family. Ben on the beach building a sandcastle with his Dry Pro cast cover on.

Go To The Beach With A Prosthetic

Go To The Beach With A Prosthetic with DryPro’s Prosthetic Leg Protector!

Woman on beach with prosthetic leg protector.

DRYPro Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover will keep your prosthetic dry during ANY water activity while allowing you the freedom to be yourself. Our leg cover is very user-friendly and is equipped with a hand pump to ensure a vacuum seal. Once out of the water, insert your finger between the cover and your skin for easy removal. The DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover comes with a one year guarantee and may even be covered by your insurance company!