Your product is the most amazing thing ever! I broke my foot and I’ve been in a splint, then cast, and now back on a splint after surgery, and I can’t begin to tell you what a life saver the leg pouch is. I can take showers and not worry about one drop of water getting through. It’s like a wetsuit for the leg, simply amazing! Don’t think twice about getting this product, there is absolutely nothing on the market like it. Great quality product and it does exactly what it promises. Thank you so much! The person who invented this line is genius!

DryPro PICC Protector Review: This Will Change Your Life if You Have A PICC Line!

DryPro PICC Protector Review: This Will Change Your Life if You Have A PICC Line!

We had the best DryPro PICC Protector review from Sara at Inflamed & Untamed, and we want to share it with you.

“I am serious when I say that this product will change your life if you have a PICC line. DryPro did not pay me to write this review, they did not send me free product, they don’t even know I’m writing this, and all thoughts and opinions on this product are my own. I just love it so much I had to share this with you because I wish I knew about it all the other times that I have had a PICC line.

I came across DryPro when I was searching the internet to see if it was possible to go swimming with a PICC line. When I clicked on the link to the website I read DryPro’s claims that you could do ANY water activity with it and it would keep your PICC line completely clean and dry. You could even swim, they say.

Yeah right!, I thought to myself. No way could this thing do that.

As I read through reviews online I decided to order it anyway and give it a shot because I was looking for something that would make showering easier. My PICC line is going to be in for about a year and showering is something I dread because of the line. Up until I got the DryPro my typical method for protecting my PICC line in the shower was wrapping it in saran wrap, covering it with a Ziploc bag, and then using medical tape to seal it around my arm. NOT easy to do by yourself, very time consuming, and impossible to keep the line completely dry. Not to mention the medical tape hurt when taking it off after showering and I even shave my arms.

DryPro lived up to it’s claims! Showering is sooooooooo much better now that I have this. It makes the process of showering with a PICC line much faster and I feel more confident because I know my line is actually staying dry. I don’t have to have anyone help me wrap my arm with this and it’s very easy to use. All you do is slide it onto your arm and then use the pump to vacuum seal it. You can use it over and over again so it’s really worth the money.

I did try out swimming with it just to see if it was possible. I was pretty nervous about it so I only stayed in the water for a short time and didn’t submerge my arm for long periods of time but the DryPro kept my PICC line completely dry while I was in the water. Seriously, if you have a PICC line you should get this.”

Get a DryPro Here. 

Thanks Sara! We always love hearing great reviews from our customers. We are glad to be able to help keep you more comfortable in your daily life.

Here is the link to the original post! 


How do I find my size?

How do I find my size?

I know what you are thinking: I do not want to get my cast, prosthetic, or etc. to get wet, so this protector needs to fit skin tight. I need to get the perfect size, but how am I going to do that without trying it on?


The good news DryPro makes it easy with its vacuum seal feature. All you have to do is measure the circumference and length. Then look on the chart for the size that best goes with the measurements. Here is a step by step for each protector to make it easier.


  • Cast
  1. Measure the circumference 2”-3” above the cast
  2. Measure the length from the end of the fingers/toes



Product Circumference

Inches (cm)


Inches (cm)

Small Half Arm 7.75-10 (20-25) 17.5 (44)
Large Half Arm 10 & up (25+) 20 (50)
X-small Full Arm 6-6.75 (15-17) 16 (40)
Small Full Arm 6.75-8.75 (17-22) 23 (58)
Medium Full Arm 8.75-10 (22-25) 28 (71)
Large Full Arm 10 & up (25+) 31.5 (80)



Product Circumference

Inches (cm)


Inches (cm)

Small Half Leg 10-13 (25-33) 21 (53)
Large Half Leg 13 & up (33+) 23.5 (60)
X-small Full Leg 7.75-11 (19-28) 19 (48)
Small Full Leg 14-16.5 (35-41) 29 (74)
Medium Full Leg 16.5-21 (41-53) 33 (83)
Large Full Leg 21 & up 37 (94)


  • PICC Line
  1. Measure the bicep circumference
  2. Measure the forearm circumference


Product Bicep


Inches (cm)



Inches (cm)

X-Small 6-9 (15-23) 5-8 (14-20)
Small 8-11 (11-28) 6-9 (15-23)
Medium 10-13 (25-33) 7-10 (18-25)
Large 12-15 (30-38) 8-11 (23-28)
X-Large 14+ (36+) 9+ (23+)


  • Prosthetic
  1. Measure the circumference of the leg right above the prosthetic
  2. Measure from the back of the heel flat to the to end of the prosthetic


Product Circumference

Inches (cm)


Inches (cm)

X-Small Full Leg 8-12 (20-30) 29 (74)
Small Full Leg 12-16 (30-40) 32 (80)
Medium Full Leg 15-19 (38-48) 35 (89)
Large Full Leg 17-21 (43-53) 38 (97)
X-Large Full Leg 21 & up 41 (104)


  • Ostomy
  1. Measure the circumference at the stoma or around the waist area


Product Model # Circumference


X-Small OS-12 26-30
Small OS-14 30-34
Medium OS-16 34-38
Large OS-18 38-42
x-Large OS-20 42-46+


If you are still having trouble you can visit- (where pictures are included) or call 1-888-337-9976.


DryPro vs Waterproof Cast

DryPro vs Waterproof Cast

With summer finally here and the cold weather officially gone, the last thing you would want would be unable to enjoy the summer activities. Even worse, your kids are stuck not enjoying these activities, and you have no idea how you will entertain him or her. Well the good news is a cast does not have to ruin your carefree summer. No, I am not talking about a waterproof cast. I am talking about DryPro cast covers.


Reading that last sentence may have made you skeptical because there are many cast covers out there. Once you try one, you think just a garbage bag and duct tape would have done just the same job, if not better. Also, it is cheaper. Or better yet, a waterproof cast saves you the hassle of dealing with a handmade cast cover, right? Wrong.


Here is why a DryPro cast cover is different than other cast covers:

DryPro is made of a durable high quality surgical latex

Most other covers are made of plastic

DryPro can last up to months while using it daily in pools, showers, etc.

Other covers last up to a few washes in the shower and maybe the pool

DryPro is easy to use and seals within seconds

Other covers can become frustrating or messy  

With a DryPro, you always know it is keeping the cast dry

With other covers, you are constantly worrying and checking


And why it is better than a waterproof cast:

DryPro can be used for all kinds of breaks

Waterproof casts can only be used for certain kind of breaks

With a DryPro, you never have to wait for it to dry because the cast never gets wet

With waterproof casts, you must wait an hour or more for it to dry and leak out  

DryPro never affects the cast no matter how many times you use it

After getting waterproof casts wet many times, it can lose thickness and shape, which causes the cast to become unstable and a longer healing process

DryPro costs between $36-$40 dollars

Waterproof casts cost $40-$50 more than a regular casts and most are not     recommended by doctors

DryPro allows you to go to the beach still

Doctors recommend not going to the beach with a waterproof cast because the sand can cause irritation


Now you might say: “Well Drypro does not eliminate odors and relieve itching like a waterproof cast.”, right? Actually, DryPro has a product called Cast Relief that does all of that while lasting up to 72 hours and being scent free. It only cost $19.99, and you could get a $5 off coupon.


Economically and resourcefully, DryPro is the better option. Get yours today, and tell us what you think! Post your pictures and reviews on our Facebook!

What is a Picc Line Cover?

What is a Picc Line Cover?

When you have PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line, it can cause a great amount of stress and many things to worry about in your day to day life. A PICC line is a soft, plastic tube that is inserted into a large vein in the arm and then up to a main vein near the heart. This allows people to receive chemotherapy and other medication.


As you can see, it is a straight path for germs and more to the heart through the bloodstream… how is that not stressful! DryPro understands and is here to help.


Some of the main risks people have to worry most about with a PICC lines is:

  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Line getting clogged
  • Inflammation of the veins
  • Line coming out or moving


This means people with a PICC line have to stress about this:

  • Not getting it wet
  • Routine sterile dressing changes
  • Flushing the line with sterile fluid
  • Changing tubes and caps regularly
  • Cleaning hands constantly


DryPro cannot stop you from worrying and stressing about all of these, but we can help minimize them. With the DryPro PICC line cover, you are free to take showers and baths. You can even go swimming in the ocean, pool, or lake. You no longer have to worry about getting your PICC line wet.


If your PICC line is protected from getting wet, there is a less chance of getting an infection. With the PICC line staying dry, it can also help with not having to change the dressing of the line so much. Also, with the vacuum seal feature, it will help the PICC line stay in place.


Not only does this help people with a PICC line, but it is also extremely easy to use unlike plastic wrap and duct tape. All you have to do is slide it on over the line and use the pump to pump out the air. It seals in seconds! The DryPro cover also is a nude color and is open ended to keep your hands free. The material is durable and latex free.


Try the DryPro PICC Protector today. Make day to day activities like showering easy again. Do not miss out on any more summer activities or vacations. It is reusable for months even when you use it daily.  

Why DryPro? Air tight. Fits right: The Best Waterproof Cast Cover

Why DryPro? Air tight. Fits right: The Best Waterproof Cast Cover

With summer fast approaching, the need for a waterproof cast cover for a broken arm or leg is increasing. Ideal for active individuals who don’t want to miss out on their summer plans, DryPro products allows one to engage in activities on the water all summer long. Some of the benefits of our products can be seen below:

  • – Our cast covers are 100% submersible
  • – Products range from cast and ostomy covers to prosthetic and PICC lines
  • – There is a wide range of sizes which fit both children and adults
  • – DryPro is the premium waterproof cast and bandage protector on the market today
  • – Orders placed before 3:15 p.m EST ship the same day
  • – Additional products such as DryPro cast relief spray eliminates the problem of a smelly cast
  • – Products are made in the USA



DryPro products allow for hydrotherapy, a type of post operative physical therapy. Directly after surgery, one is able to shower and bathe without the use of a garbage bag or homemade device. Our products also may cover wounds, stitches, and bandaging. 

We ensure that our products are readily available. If you need one as soon as possible, we offer same day shipping, we have dealers all over the world, and excellent customer support.

Check out our dealer locator here: 

Don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We love customer photos and we’d love to share yours! Check out our Facebook for more testimonials here:


“You’ve made a wonderful product that works perfectly! My son broke his arm last summer and we ordered the cast cover through Amazon. It saved our summer.” -Lynn P.

AAOS 2018

AAOS 2018

DryPro will be attending the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana from March 6-10. Our sales representatives will have products on display and for sale, and look forward to sharing more about what makes our product so wonderful! 

DryPro works closely with many orthopedic surgeons, as our cast covers are key to the healing process of many orthopedic procedures. The unique design allows one to bathe with ease, without worrying about getting a cast or injury wet.

At the event, come say hi to us at booth #3015. We look forward to meeting you!

Also make sure to check out the AAOS website for more information about the upcoming trade show.



How DryPro Cast Relief Spray solves the age old problem of a smelly cast

How DryPro Cast Relief Spray solves the age old problem of a smelly cast



Have you heard of DryPro’s new probiotic cast relief spray? It completely eliminates the problem of a smelly, itchy cast. It’s simple to use, all you have to do is slide the spray applicator into the cast against the skin. The new formula is chemical free, Eco Friendly, and Biodegradable.

Check out our raving reviews:


“This product was great and definitely necessary if you have a cast! Thanks DryPro!”- Deborah M


“A close friend recommended I try this product to relieve the smell and itch from my cast. I could not believe how well it worked.” – Ben M


:This product is awesome. Had a full leg cast and used a coat hanger to scratch my leg for weeks before I discovered this. After using this I threw the coat hanger in the trash where it belonged. No more itching and no more smell. Would recommend this to all!” – Lisa B.

Don’t miss out on your $5.00 off coupon too at checkout!


Broken Leg Care

Broken Leg Care


Breaking a leg is stressful- it’s painful, you have limited mobility, and casts are uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to help you recover from a broken leg as quickly as possible.

Get lots of rest: While this may sound obvious, your body heals more quickly while you are sleeping.  Mending a bone takes a lot of energy out of you, so make sure to take it easy and get plenty of sleep!

Wiggle your toes: It might sound silly, but wiggling your toes can have some big benefits for you.  By wigging your toes whenever you think of it, you are keeping your blood flowing as well as preventing as much stiffness in the joints in your toes, foot and ankle.  Curling and stretching your toes is a great way to prevent stiffness as well.

Don’t stick anything down your cast: Although it might be tempting, sticking objects down your cast to relieve the itch can have consequences.  By using sharp objects to relieve the itch, you could potentially scratch yourself and cause an infection.  There is also the chance that a piece of the object will break off or get stuck, causing discomfort and irritation.  DryPRO’s Cast Relief Spray helps relieve itching and odor without the risk of infection.

waterproof leg cast cover

Keep your leg elevated and iced: By keeping your leg elevated, excess fluids are drained out of the limb, keeping it from getting swollen and painful.  Use pillows or a chair to prop your leg up. Icing your leg while elevated will also help ease swelling.  Place ice in a plastic bag and loosely wrap it around the cast.  Ridged ice packs will not be very effective as they only cover a small area.

Eat the right foods: According to the Andrews Institute, food such as non-fat yogurt, almonds, and leafy greens will help speed up your recover time, along with other foods high in calcium.  Foods that are high in sodium or sugar should be avoided, along with alcohol and excessive caffeine.

Don’t get your cast wet: One of the most commonly known rules of cast-care, getting your cast wet could compromise the quality of the cast as well as encourage mold and mildew to grow.  Luckily, DryPRO has you covered with our waterproof cast covers so you can shower and swim worry free!

DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery

DRYPro Expedites Healing After Elective Surgery

elective surgery

With new insurance plans or deductible rates kicking in at the start of the new year, elective orthopedic and podiatric surgeries skyrocket during the last months of each calendar year. According to orthopedic surgeon, Jeffrey Stimac, many people also  prefer to have surgery during the holidays due to extended time off from work and the likelihood of family members being present to help with responsibilities (USA Today).

DRYPro is an excellent tool to utilize after elective surgery. The 100% waterproof protector allows you to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy without the risk of ruining your cast or bandage. DRYPro leg cast covers feature an airtight seal that is created by pumping the attached handheld bulb. Worried about how to choose the right size for your cast or post-operative site? Our sizing guide and measurement tool will calculate the correct product size for you – click here to use it – or call our Customer Service department toll-free at 1-888-337-9776.

Click here to purchase the DRYPro Waterproof Protector to expedite your healing after your elective surgery.