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How to size and Use PICC line protector Video

Step 1: Trim If Needed

Trim PICC Line protector
Stretch the protector over the good arm first to see how it fits. If the Dry Pro is too tight, trim along the lines of the appropriate opening. Be careful not to trim too much and make sure a snug fit is maintained around the arm

Step 2: Slide On

Slide on the PICC line protector
Stretch the protector over the PICC line area until the site is completely covered, plus an additional inch or more on both sides of the cover. This ensures that he top and bottom openings are smooth against the skin. Be careful of fingernails or sharp objects that could puncture the protector.

Step 3: Pump Out Air

Pump out the PICC line protector
Continuously press the pump until all the air is evacuated and the pump becomes flat. Move your arm around and make sure the seal remains intact, then remove the pump and put the safety cap on. After creating the vacuum seal, observe the Dry Pro for about 5 minutes before going into the water.  In order to remove the Dry Pro, simply slide your fingers under the top cuff to let the air in and slide it off.

It's that simple!

Notes: Do not leave the Dry Pro on for extended periods of time. We recommend removing it after every 45 minutes of use. Do not use in vascular compromised patients. Steady yourself in wet slippery areas. Always follow your doctor's advice.



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