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Bath Tub with Leg Cast

My daughter had the most wonderful weekend swimming with her Dry Pro Cast Protector on!
I have enclosed two pictures so you can see her smiling face! Feel free to share! She was so very excited to be able to enjoy our kick off to Summer vacation.
Abby had surgery 8 weeks ago - and has been looking fwd to getting into the water. She was born with a rare muscle condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita.

Thank you SO much! I will be talking up your product at our Annual Arthrogryposis Conference this year! Many of our children do weekly serial castings! I have already hit facebook with my rave reviews! I hope you receive lots of orders!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


To Whom It May Concern:   I can't thank you enough for this product.  My daughter, Kalyn Faggart, age 16, has had a PICC line in her arm since February 2007.  Prior to the illness and the PICC line, swimming was a huge part of her summer.  We went through last summer trying various things, (plastic bags, waterproof tape, etc.).  Nothing worked and she was unable to swim.  A month ago she got the news that the PICC would be in for yet another summer.  Shortly after that, we saw your brochure in our doctor's office.  I brought it home and immediately ordered one.  This product is FABULOUS!!!  It has given her part of her life back.  She is again swimming regularly and will be able to enjoy it this entire summer.    Kalyn is battling Neurologic Lyme Disease and Babesiosis for which there is currently no difinitive cure.  In addition to the disease, she has also been in a scoliosis brace for five years.  She has to wear the brace 23 hours/day.  Swimming was huge for her because when she was in the water, it didn't count against the time she was allowed out of the brace.  As long as she was in the water, she could have as long as she wanted.  Not only was she battling the disease, but she was having to stay in her brace the entire 23 hours with only 1 hour break because she could no longer swim.    As a parent who has already seen their child go through so much, to find a product that allows her to have this much fun and freedom again is a God-send!  No price can be put on seeing the thrill on her face and watching her play in the water with her family again.  She is currently progressing well in this latest treatment regimen and will hopefully have the PICC line removed by Fall.  She had already accepted the fact she wouldn't be able to swim this Summer again, but thanks to your product, she's gotten an unexpected gift!!!    I'm recommending your product to EVERYONE I'm involved with concerning Lyme Disease.  I'm taking the three extra brochures that came with our cover to our specialist in Georgia this week along with pictures of the product in action.  He has a lot of patients with PICC lines and I'm sure they'll be as glad as we were to find this!!  I'm also sending an e-mail to the NC Lyme Foundation, of which I'm a member,  highly recommending your product.   I sent two photos....this was her first time back in the water swimming full force!!!   THANK YOU SO MUCH!   Denise Faggart
We put it to the test!!!! YOU WON!!!

Noah Stewart 7 Years old Loganville, GA


We will and have recommend this product to EVERYONE we know. We took it to the doctor's office with us and showed it to people in the waiting area.

Our 3 1/2 year old son Carson fell off of the monkey bars at our neighborhood swimming pool a few days before our annual beach vacation and fractured his wrist. Our orthopedist recommended we purchase your product... so we did.  Boy are we glad we took his advice. It worked great.

Carson swam in the ocean, played in the sand, and even went down a waterslide, keeping the cast clean and dry!  I'd recommend your product to anyone.

Matthew and April Smith
Dunn, North Carolina
Thank you for an awesome product!  My 12 year old son Tyler broke his wrist 5 days before our Disney Vacation.  He was devastated.  He did a little internet research the day his cas was put on and found your product.  I am a nurse and didn't believe this product would work, but I was 100% wrong.  It was the best money I ever spent.  He was able to go in the wave pool and on every water ride at Typhoon Lagoon.  He swam all day at the hotel pool and not on drop of water.  I highly recommend this product to anyone with a cast who loves the water.  Even taking a shower is easy.  No more garbage bags! I am including a picture of Tyler with his sister Lauren at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and the Hilton pool.  As you can see from the photos the cast is not a problem with the Dry Pro.

Thank You!!
The Siminski Family (especially Tyler!)
Buffalo, New York

Thank you Dry Pro for saving our summer. When the doctor told Jacqueline there was nothing she could do to save her swim team season because of her foot fracture, she was heart broken.  Then a nurse told us about your product. We took the gamble and it really paid off!   Jacqueline finished her swim season and even placed in a couple of races. Enclosed are pictures of Jacqueline training and racing at her meets. Thank you again for making such an outstanding product. Doctors should be made more aware of the top rate performance product.

Jacqueline and the Bienduga Family

Dry Pro saved our vacation! I was very hesitant about using Dry Pro on our vacation to the Carribbean but after reading the other testimonials we decided to give it a shot.  Our daughter broke her elbow just a few days before we were scheduled to fly to Coumel and we found a store that carried Dry Pro. Luckily our vacation was saved and our daughter got to enjoy her first trip to the ocean!  Not an ounce of water leaked in  so we would reommend it to anyone!

Thanks Dry Pro!

Scott and Misty Smith, San Angelo, TX

THANK YOU for your amazing product. Our wonderful five year old daughter had a cast put on her foot due to growth plate problems. This happened three days before our dream vacation to Orlando. Some friends found your product, I called and spoke to a VERY nice lady who helped me more than I could have imagined.

Dear Dry Pro,

Erik and his family would like to thank you very much for an incredible product that saved our first vacation to Hawaii!

Erik broke his arm on the playground during the last week of school, requiring a cast. The orthopedist instructed him to stay out of the water, particularly the salt water. The doctor was not aware of any waterproof protector options. Well, as you can see by the attached photos, Erik spent two weeks in the pool and ocean with the Dry Pro protector and we never worried about his cast getting wet once.

Erik's cast will be removed this week and we plan on demonstrating your product to the orthopedist!

Thanks again for a wonderful product and excellent customer service/webpage.


The Verhey Family
Hi, my name is Bryan Hopkins and I have a great love for the ocean and riding waves year 'round.  I broke my wrist a few months ago pretty bad skateboarding and that has kept me out of the water.  It has played on my emotions not being able to pursue my love of riding waves.  Now that my wrist has begun to feel stronger I still must wear a cast. Three months of not bodyboarding has been bad enough I don't want to go four.  I went and purchased the DryPro surgical sleeve for my cast and immediately went out and pulled into some clean hollow barrels while wearing my DryPro glove.  This glove has brought me tremendous happiness and it is worth every penny.  Thank you very much.  I have attached two pictures of myself riding waves(and getting tubed) on a bodyboard with the DryPro glove, it is on my left hand.  I plan to get more waves and more pictures so I can always send more.  I also have a professional photographer(that didn't take these pictures) who can get in-water photographs of great clarity. This is a great opportunity for PR. Sincerely, Bryan Hopkins

When my daughter broke her arm, the only time she cried was when I told her she wouldn't be able to swim at the cabin.  DryPro saved the day. This is my Eva on the rocks on Rainy Lake in Canada. The cast cover fit like a dream and was perfect both in the water and in the sand.  It held up well on the rocks as well, we were really impressed.  I was also pleased with the great customer service at Dry Pro. When Fed Ex Ground lost our first shipment Dry Pro got me a new cover overnight before we left on vacation. THANK YOU!

We had been waiting (and saving) for over a year to take a Family Cruise Vacation. Our trip was schedule for September 19th and our little four years old broke his arm on the 14th at school.

Our doctor does not carry waterproof casts because he said that they can build up mildew after a couple of days so Dylan got a regular cast.He got extremely upset when they told him that he could not get it wet since he loves the water.

Dylan is our only son, the trip was pretty much planned for him and we thougth about canceling our vacation...until I found your website!!!

As you can see in the pictures I have attached, he had a great time and his waterproof cast cover worked great. At least a hundred people asked about it and we definitively spread the word for Dry Corp. I will give the brochures to our doctor so he can recommended too.

If any of these pictures qualify for the contest please entered any of them and if you have a problem opening the files, please send me an e-mail back and I'll mailed them.

Thank you so much for your product and for the convenient overnight shipping!!!

You saved us!!

The Pearls

My three year old son, Gabriel, broke his left arm just 3 days before we left on vacation to Napa, CA where it was 90+ degree outside. My son is part frog and basically lives in the pool so we were really concerned about how we were going to keep him out of the water in the hot weather with a broken arm.

Luckily I had heard about Dry Pro covers and we had one sent to where we were staying in Napa after talking with your very knowledgeable representatives over the phone.

Gabriel used it every day as we were often in the water for 1-2 hours per day for a week. It gave him the freedom that he needed to swim. He loved every minute of the time in the water as you can see by the smile on his face. Thank you for your help.


 Pic of my wife, surfing behind boat. It's a new sport, inland sufing behind wakeboard boats. She broke her foot wakeboarding behind boat. She wante to try something, so she surfed!! with a BROKEN foot with a cast on.

Thanks DryPro, great product!!


My son recently had to have a cast placed on his right leg to try and correct a muscle/tendon issue. We have a pool and I didn't want to see him miss out on the end of his summer. I purchased the Dry Pro on 9-01-07 and received it within a few days. Our first test was the obvious which was to let him try it out in the shower. It worked just fine. Then came the swimming pool. I knew then that this was a good product. For him to be able to still enjoy the pool while wearing a cast was wonderful. However, on 9-09-07 we decided take a trip to our nearby water park. This is when I realized that this was not a good product, IT WAS A GREAT PRODUCT! As you can see by the pictures, the Dry Pro definitely got a workout. That's a 70 foot vertical drop at about 55 miles an hour! Also, he is not allowed to use crutches, which means he had to walk around on the concrete all day while wearing the Dry Pro. The coating on the bottom held up great! After

8 hours of this, the Dry Pro came through with flying colors. We would ride for an hour then take it off as recommended. After a short break, we would go for another hour. Needless to say, my son had a blast thanks to the Dry Pro!

 Who wants to miss this fun. Forunately thanks to Dry Pro I didn't have to miss out on the fun on my summer vacation in Florida! Imagine if I didn't have DryPro and I had to sit on the side of the pool and just watch the fun.

 We wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!! Thanks to Dry Pro, Brett did no miss any summertime water fun!! We'll recommend this product to everyone!!

Thanks for a great summer!!


At your suggestion, we purchased the cast protector from Pelton's Pharmacy in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Our daughter had an external fixator place on her left arm at the beginning of the summer, and suffered through the heat until we found your product through an on-line search. With your guidance, we purchased the full-arm model and as you can see from the photo, it worked perfectly. Our daughter was able to swim and shower during the rest of the summer without difficulty. It's a great product!

Kathy and Scott Leslie


I don't even know how to begin to sing the praises of Dry Pro! My 4 year old son body-slammed my 3 year old son (Tony) and broke his arm... requiring surgery. I was heartbroken that my Tony was not going to be able to get in the pool, play in the sprinkler, play with squirt guns or even "play water" in the sink for at least 5 weeks (until the end of summer). As the thermometer rose, I realized that I had to find a way for Tony to cool off. I purchased the psuedo-garbage bag products from a medical supply store, which were complete junk. I even tried to rig my own cover with kitchen gloves, saran wrap, medical tape, duct tape, etc. which worked better than the psuedo-garbage bag and worked for the sprinkler, but took more than half and hour to put on and even longer to get off. Then I decided to try the internet for a waterproof cast cover, and I stumbled onto Dry Corp's website. As soon as I saw the Dry Pro photos, I knew it would work. I called medical supply stores all over the city, but could not locate the product, so I ordered online and rushed the shipment. Within 10 minutes of the FedEx truck leaving, we were in the pool. I can't say I wasn't nervous, but Tony told me that the "cast cover" was dry on the inside.... and he was right. It was BONE DRY (pardon the pun). I was so excited. I took my Dry Pro package to the medical supply store where I bought the psuedo-garbage bag product and told them that I paid the same price for this amazing product of unequal quality. I suggested that they order Dry Pro in bulk. I've also stopped every person that I've seen with an arm or leg cast and told them about Dry Pro.

Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product. Thank you for saving our summer. And, most of all, thank you for bringing a smile back to Tony's face.

I've attached some photos of Tony with his Dry Pro cover on. My favorite is of my husband launching Tony in the air in the pool.

Dry Pro saved our vacation.! Our doctors had no advise or information so I went online and found this. I am a huge advocate for you now and have told so many people!

What a great product!

This is our daughter snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.? We live in North Dakota so it would have been a huge disappointed to have missed out on the ocean!

Thanks! Lora

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