DRYPro keeps PICC lines dry
and reduces the risk of infection

Forget the plastic bags. Best $$$ we ever spent. Works GREAT! If you’ve got a PICC line you already have some issues. This product eliminates a potential one. Keeps things dry, really easy to use, fast, & can be done by the wearer. We have recommended this to staff at our hospital. Many where unaware of it. Please find a way to let more people know. Excellent!

Fred M
United States

Medical Professionals that would refer patients to DRYPro® waterproof PICC line protectors

  • Infectious Disease Doctors (antibiotic therapy)
  • Oncologists (chemotherapy, hydration, blood products)
  • Cardiologists (Dobutamine infusions, Lasix insertions)
  • Orthopedic Surgeons (antibiotic therapy and pain management
  • Gastroenterologists (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
  • Family Practice and Internal Medicine (dehydration, Vitamin therapy)

Dispense DRYPro® PICC Line protector in your hospital or clinic

The PICC Line protector is available in bulk hospital packaging in addition to the retail clamshell packaging. A medical facility that carries our product suggested that we offer bulk packaged for easy dispensing and to save space for them. If you want to carry the DRYPro PICC line protector in your medical facility we offer a hosptial pack (pictured below).

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Why recommend the DRYPro® PICC Line protector?

The cost of  PICC line insertion by a trained nurse including: PICC insertion kit, heparin, saline, supplies and chest x-ray to confirm placement can cost more than $400! If a patient requires PICC insertion under fluoroscopy in the Radiology Department due to poor veins, the cost is triple because of the physician’s expertise.  If a patient tries to cover their PICC line with a baggy or garbage bag while they shower or bathe, the risk of getting the site wet is increased along with the risk of infection. If the dressing gets wet and comes off, the line can accidentally be pulled out thus requiring another insertion as the PICC line is not sutured in place. Insurance companies then have to pay for another insertion which is costly. Patients need to bathe and shower. Nothing is guaranteed to keep the PICC line dry like the DRYPro. It adds to the patient’s quality of life, allowing them to bathe and shower. They feel confident knowing they are keeping their site dry and decreasing the risk of infection.

  • Decreases risk of moisture which breeds bacteria and infection
  • Decreases risk of pulling PICC line out by accident when bathing
  • Allows freedom to bathe, shower and submerge in water
  • Increases patient satisfaction and quality of life
  • Decreases cost to insurance companies by not having to replace the PICC line

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