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Why HMEs/DMEs and Community Pharmacies Love DRYPro

  • CASH PRODUCT: DRYPro is a unique and affordable cash product that customers ask for by name.

  • DESTINATION PURCHASE: Customers looking for DRYPro will likely purchase all prescriptions and medical supplies in one place

  • MARKETING SUPPORT: We give retailers the tools to generate local referrals

  • STORE APPEAL: Colorful attractive packaging and multiple display options


Just ask our current dealers:

“I guess you have marketed to some ortho offices because we have sold 2 today! I need some more!!”

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Kavanaugh Pharmacy, Little Rock, AR
United States

“Just wanted to thank you for referring customers to us. We have had 5 or 6 calls or visits about your product in the last 2 days!”

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Barney's Pharmacy, Augusta, GA
United States

Marketing Support

We give authorized dealers the tools to generate local referrals and awareness


We offer customization brochures, holders and coupon pads to DRIVE medical professional referrals to local DRYPro dealers!

drypro brochures


Free posters and tape measures are available to all our dealers to help brand awareness and merchandising

drypro poster

Dealer Locator Listing

Dealer locator listing to let customer know where to purchase DRYPro locally

Customized Commercial

Let us help you market within your community with a custom TV commercial! This is a free marketing service offered to authorized dealers committed to selling DRYPro.

What sets DRYPro apart?

DRYPro protectors creates a snug-fitting vacuum seal that protects in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It is so air-tight and waterproof, it can’t even be pulled off!

  • Patented vacuum-seal

  • 90 day warranty

  • “Wow” factor spreads word-of-mouth marketing

  • Made in the USA

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