How long will it take to be delivered?

Orders placed by 3:15pm EST will be shipped the same business day. There are also overnight and 2-Day shipping delivery methods available. For an estimated time of arrival, take a look at the FedEx ground shipping map.

Is the DryPro submersible?

The DryPro is COMPLETELY waterproof. Because of its patented vacuum seal, the DryPro will keep your cast or bandage completely dry even if it is fully submersed in water. With the DryPro you can actually “SEE AND FEEL THE SEAL!”

What activities can I do while wearing the DryPro?

With the DryPro, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for a waterproof protector that will keep your cast, ostomy, prosthetic, or PICC dry during a leisure activity, like a shower, or ready to rip up some waves in the ocean, the DryPro will keep you dry. Beach, Bathe, Hydrotherapy: the list is infinite.

What if the DryPro feels too tight or is difficult to stretch on?

The DryPro is made of highly durable surgical latex and will stretch over your cast or bandage. If you find that it is too hard to stretch on or too tight after it is on, you can widen the opening. First try it on the good limb to see how it feels. Keep in mind that the good limb may vary in size from your other limb due to swelling or shrinking of muscle mass. If it feels too tight by the opening, you can trim a hair’s width straight across the top. Be careful not to cut all the way down to the valve area so that the opening becomes larger than the limb. Ultimately, the opening should lay flat against your skin and snug to keep the seal, but should not leave you feeling uncomfortable.

What if the DryPro opening is too large or the DryPro is too long?

If the DryPro opening does not lay flat on the skin (gaps), then the product is too large and will not hold a vacuum seal. Therefore, you need to call us so we can send you the correct size. If the product is too long, that is fine! The necessary fit of the circumference sometimes leads to a waterproof protector that is longer than needed. However, by putting the DryPro opening at the measured circumference area and bunching up the rest of the material like you would a sock or stocking, the vacuum seal will create “wrinkles” in the material when the air is pumped out; these do not affect the way the product works.

What makes the DryPro unique?

The DryPro patented vacuum seal is what makes the DryPro unique. In addition, our customer service and attention to detail makes your DryPro purchase one-of-a-kind. We are here to assist you in any sizing or replacement needs, ensuring that you have the best experience with our company. Our product is flexible, yet encompasses safety with a non-skid grid sole on the prosthetic leg protector and cast leg protector; great for showering!

How durable is the DryPro?

The DryPro is made of strong surgical latex and can stretch up to 300% of its original size. The product can be used over and over again and will last years even with daily use.

What is the difference between the PICC protector and the arm cast protector?

The DryPro PICC Protector is open at two spots, the forearm and the bicep, allowing for complete use of your hand during activities such as shampooing your hair in the shower or enjoying your favorite water activity. The PICC protector is also made of a special LATEX FREE material that easily stretches over the PICC. Its tan color is more discrete than that of the bright blue latex that we make our other products out of. In addition, the PICC protector can be trimmed along both ends to make the opening bigger for a custom fit!

What is the difference between the Prosthetic Leg Protector and the Cast Leg Protector?

The prosthetic protector is dipped twice in latex making it stronger and even more durable than the cast cover. In addition, the prosthetic protector carries a one-year replacement warranty, so if anything happens to your cover… it’s covered. Unlike the bright blue latex the cast protector is manufactured with, the prosthetic protector is tan in color and can be trimmed along the top for a custom fit.

What if I have a problem or a question?

For question or concerns, dial 1-888-3DRY PRO (337-9776) or e-mail us at info@drycorp.com. We are always happy to help. Our customer service representatives are ready and equipped to answer all of your questions, including sizing and shipping.

How does DryPro compare to other waterproof cast protector products on the market?

DryPro is the premium waterproof cast and bandage protector on the market today. Our patented vacuum seal, durable material and excellent customer service make DryPro the desired product. While there are other “waterproof” cast protectors on the Internet, they are typically “modified garbage bag” style protectors that do not provide the water tight seal offered by the DryPro. DryPro is one of the first waterproof cast and bandage protectors ever offered. We are owned and operated by the same people that have manufactured and distributed the product for the past 15 years—every year we are perfecting our materials. Although our name has changed over the years, the product, the people and the service have remained top quality. New products being released on the market may appear to be the same as DryPro, but our logo stamped on every product guarantees a warranty and an excellent customer service team to work with.

Why is the vacuum seal so important?

The patented vacuum seal is the essential element of our waterproof products. Think of it like this: once all of the air is pumped out, no water molecules can get in.

What happens if I order through Amazon?

While ordering through Amazon may seem more enticing if you have an Amazon Prime account, it is paramount to be wary of who is selling you our product and their personal replacement policies. Ordering from an independent company on Amazon may lead to a product that has been sitting on the shelf for year or one that is previously used. DryCorp is not responsible for these independent sellers and cannot replace or refund for a product that has been bought through Amazon. Ordering directly from DryCorp will ensure a brand new protector that comes with a 90-day warranty and a 7-10 refund period.

Do you have any pharmacies or retailers in my area?

Check out our dealer locator to see if there is a retailer in your area.

What size do I need for a child?

Due to the fit of our product, we do not carry standard “children” versus “adult” sizes. The size depends solely on the circumference measured about 2 inches above the bandage/cast/dressing site/prosthetic and the length from the finger tips/back of the heel to that area. Additional sizing questions can be answered by calling 1-888-3DRY PRO (337-9776) or referring to the sizing helper.