DRYPro is a Win-Win for patients and physicians

What sets DRYPro apart?

DRYPro protectors creates a snug-fitting vacuum seal that protects in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It is so air-tight and waterproof, it can’t even be pulled off!

waterproof cast underwater

• Patented vaccum-seal
• 90 day warranty
• “Wow” factor spreads word-of-mouth marketing
• Made in the USA

“I have used DRYPro wound covers for over 10 years, and I found them to be the most effective product for keeping foot and ankle wounds/surgeries clean and dry during the post operative and/or other healing periods.”

Dr. Marc G. Mittleman, Orthopedic Surgeon
United States

When you dispense the DRYPro® in your facility, you’ll increase revenue and help your patients at the same time!

DRYPro is the premier product on the market with the “Air Tight. Fits Right.”™ waterproof vacuum seal guarantee.  With our patented vacuum seal, we simply remove all the air which makes it impossible for any water to get in ( if there is no air inside to escape, then there is no way that water can enter).  It can’t even be pulled off!  A simple product demonstration shows how effective our products are and why they work.

Contact us at sales@drycorp.com to request a sample

Infusion Professionals
See how the DRYPro PICC line protector can help your patients

Complimentary Referral Materials

drypro brochures


We offer customization brochures, holders and coupon pads to refere patients to our website or a nearby pharmacy, DME or medical supply store.

Email sales@drycorp.com to request brochures for your facility

drypro poster


Free posters for your cast rooms so you can spread the word without saying a word

Printed with Practice Logo

Stay one step ahead of the competition by dispensing DRYPro protectors printed with your practice name and logo.

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