See and Feel the Vacuum Seal

The Vacuum Seal technology assure the DRYPro Ostomy Protector is working and the ostomy or stoma is completely safe and dry.

Recommended Worldwide

Recommended by doctors and LOVED by patients all over the world. The DRYPro Ostomy cover is the ONLY product that allows you to swim and bathe in confidence.

Extreme Durability

Extremely Durability! The DRYPro Ostomy Cover is made of a high-quality surgical latex that can be used every day for years.

I have been recovering from a serious injury resulting from a vehicle accident for some time now and part of my therapy is water exercises. Without this product, I would have to change my appliance three times a week, resulting in irritation around my stoma. I find this product very easy to use, and it makes a huge difference for me.

United States
Waterproof Ostomy Protector

DRYPro is the only ostomy protector with a watertight vacuum seal that protects both the stoma pouch and flange. The DRYPro ostomy protector has a snug yet comfortable fit during a shower, bath or even while swimming. No other product gives you the same confidence and security in the water. Stay DRY with DRYPro!