Take a warm bath, relaxing shower or even a refreshing swim with our vacuum sealed waterproof PICC line cover. Easy to use, Latex Free and most importantly keeps water out!

waterproof picc coverFeatures include:

  • Vacuum Sealed Technology

  • Completely Submersible Even for Swimming

  • Airtight Seal Prevents Cover from Coming Off

  • 1 Year Guarantee

  • Durable material that Won’t Rip or Tear

  • Easy Daily Use

  • Latex Free

“I can’t thank you enough for this product.  We went through last summer trying various things, (plastic bags, waterproof tape, etc.).  Nothing worked.

Then I saw your brochure in our doctor’s office.  I brought it home and immediately ordered one.  This product is FABULOUS!!!  It has given my daughter part of her life back.  She is again swimming regularly and will be able to enjoy it this entire summer. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

More info on the world’s only vacuum sealed waterproof PICC cover…

If you have a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter), then you know the area around where the PICC is inserted is prone to infection. You will find that using the Latex Free DRYPro Waterproof PICC Line Cover when showering or swimming helps keep bacteria and other contaminates away from the vein the PICC is inserted in. With a DRYPro Waterproof PICC line cover, you can keep the area around the vein completely dry, whether you are in the shower or the ocean.

If you’re receiving infusion therapy for antibiotics, chemotherapy, hydration, or TPN (Total Parental Nutrition) and have a PICC line, you will be able to take relaxing and refreshing showers with the Dry Pro. Vascular Access health care professionals, infusion nurses and home infusion companies are using our waterproof PICC line cover to increase their patients level of health and quality of life.

The Dry Pro™ uses our same vacuum seal technology over your PICC or IV line, but is tan colored and open on both ends to keep your hands free for use. You can now shower, bath and swim with a PICC line with complete waterproof protection. In order to size the Dry Pro™ for PICC lines, measure the circumference of the forearm and the bicep. The protector can be trimmed to fit anyone, just make sure that your measurements are within the range below. NOW LATEX FREE!