Get your freedom back with our waterproof prosthetic cover. Stand up and enjoy the pool with loved ones or take a relaxing shower while standing on your own.

waterproof prosthetic leg coverFeatures include:

  • Vacuum Sealed Technology

  • Completely Submersible Even for Swimming

  • Airtight Seal Prevents Cover from Coming Off

  • One Year Warranty

  • Durable and Reusable

  • Easy Daily Use

  • Non-Skid Grid on Foot

Where do I begin? Well, I have been a below knee amputee for 33 years now and have never been ever to enjoy summer-time activates. The beach was always out do to the sand, it doesn’t go well with a prosthetic limb. Swimming pools are ok, but still difficult to get around pool side with just one leg. I had always wished there was a way to have both “feet“ in the water. Thanks to your company, the passion my wife has for my happiness, and the knowledge of my prosthesis I now own one of your products. The PL-15 medium leg cover has brought me new life. On it first try out I was a little skeptical so I started slowly. We were out at my wives cousins beach house and put the unit to the test. I started by first just walking around in the water a little bit to get used to it and then off on the jet ski I went. I can’t express my feelings of how I felt to have both feet in the water and on a ski like this. It was incredible. Now when the kids ask “Daddy can you come swimming with us?“ and my daughter says “I will get your “swim leg““ It fills me and my wife with joy. Because now I can go and do and not have to feel left out or worse yet disappoint the ones I love by saying I can’t go in the water. So I will say THANK YOU to everyone that made this product and THANK YOU for giving me and my loved ones a new life in and around the water.

United States
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DRYPro Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover will keep your prosthetic dry during ANY water activity while allowing you the freedom to be yourself. Our leg cover is very user-friendly and is equipped with a hand pump to ensure a vacuum seal. Once out of the water, insert your finger between the cover and your skin for easy removal. The DRYPro Prosthetic Leg Cover comes with a one year guarantee and may even be covered by your insurance company!